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Mein(e) Hamster: I currently own a male longhaired cream Syrian hamster who is 4 months old. In the passed I have owned a male opal campbell dwarf and a female longhaired smokepearl Syrian hamster.

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Samstag, 7. April 2018, 14:45

Diet for Syrian

Hey :winke

I was wondering what your diet advice would be for a male Syrian hamster who is 4 months old?

Currently he is on Versele Laga hamster nature which has 17% protein, 8.5% fat and 7% fibre and he gets flax seeds and herbs as well as dried flowers and plants every now and then as well as pieces of beef, chicken(gets like 2 a week sometimes)


NEIN! Nicht SelenA... *schrei* ...und nein, auch nicht Helene! *rolleyes*

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Mein(e) Hamster: *Hamsterpause* :-(

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Samstag, 7. April 2018, 15:13

I was wondering what your diet advice would be for a male Syrian hamster who is 4 months old?
The most important point is to have a natural and diversified food. Unfortunately I can´t see where you live. But here are some good sorts of food you can order here in Germany:
Types with animal protein:
Futterkrämerei - Goldhmaster-Menü
Futterkrämerei - Goldhamster-Menü 'Pure Nature'
Futterkrämerei - Goldhamster-Menü 'Gemüsegärtchen'
Nagerküche - Mittelhamster/Goldhamster-Mischung
Futterparadies - FP ASB Mittelhamstermenü
Types without animal protein (for example if you want to give living mealworms):
Futterkrämerei - Saatenmix für Goldhamster
Futterkrämerei - Saatenmix für Goldhamster 'Pure Nature'
Futterkrämerei - Saatenmix für Goldhamster 'Gemüsegärtchen'
Nagerküche - Mittelhamster/Goldhamster-Mischung (ohne tierisches Eiweiß)
Futterparadies - FP ASB Mittelhamstermenü Basis

If you don´t live here in Germany it may be a possibility that you make your own mixture. Because the Versele Laga hamster nature isn´t a very nature-orientated feed for a hamster.

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